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Charles Demuth (1883-1935) was an American modern artist who traveled extensively, but continually called Lancaster his permanent residence.

Demuth is arguably best known for his "precisionist" style architectural artworks, but created in many different ways. In the Art in a Box: Solo series, you can explore the world and work of Charles Demuth on your own.


The Demuth Museum has made its highly popular educational resource program about Charles Demuth, called Art in a Box, available for teachers to use in their classrooms. To request the Art in a Box resources, please

Library & Archives

The Demuth Museum is dedicated to developing and perpetuating the legacy of Charles Demuth, American modernist artist, including the preservation of the Demuth family properties, in which the museum resides.

The Demuth Museum holds in its permanent collection of Demuth's art more than fifty works, constituting the second-largest Demuth collection in the world. In addition to the collection of artworks, the Museum also houses more than 700 accessioned items and 2,000 non-accessioned items of ephemera related to Charles Demuth and the Demuth family's tobacco industries, as well as 200 volumes in its Library.

The Demuth Museum continually seeks to engage art historical discourse on Charles Demuth and welcomes scholars and art enthusiasts doing research to its facilities. The Demuth Museum has worked progressively since its inception in 1981 to make these materials accessible to visiting scholars for the purpose of furthering art historical discourse on Demuth's legacy. For more information about accessing the archive, please call the staff at 717-299-9940.

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The Demuth Museum is dedicated to developing awareness, understanding and appreciation of the artwork and legacy of Charles Demuth, renowned American modernist painter, and his family's contributions to the Lancaster community.