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Explore the following individual pages of the artworks in our Permanent Collection. These pages contain identical information to that which has been provided in our Interactive Museum. Our collections contain more than these artworks, if you have further inquiries, please contact our staff. The following pages have been made available for use with accessibility equipment and programs. Should you encounter issues while using these pages, please e-mail us.

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The Demuth Museum offers a wholly unique experience of Demuth's artistic life and groundbreaking works through its collections, exhibitions and educational programs. The museum's permanent collection contains forty Demuth works from throughout the artist's career, along with an extensive archive and library.

Visitors to the museum can also enjoy the Demuth gardens, planted with many of the same flowers cultivated by the artist's mother and featured in the artist's renowned floral works. Historic buildings depicted in Demuth's architectural works can be seen just outside the artist's studio window and in the city beyond. The Demuth Tobacco Shop, the oldest operating shop of its kind in America, and other historic buildings of the Demuth Complex are all open to the public.

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The Demuth Museum is dedicated to developing awareness, understanding and appreciation of the artwork and legacy of Charles Demuth, renowned American modernist painter, and his family's contributions to the Lancaster community.